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VeriUs Technology LTD. is an Artificial Intelligence Service Provider, developing Artificial Intelligence as a Service (AIaaS) products, providing a variety of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Text Mining, Natural Language Processing, and Social Network Analysis services and consultation to companies.

The team consist of a highly skilled group of AI Researchers, Machine Learning Software Developers, and Data Scientists. The Founder has 15+ years of academic and applied Machine Learning and Text Mining experience. As a University spin-off company VeriUs is supported by the deep expertise and knowledge accumulated in academic research and its organic ties with university research groups and laboratories.

What We Offer

What We Offer

NLP Services

AI powered processing tools for Turkish, Arabic and more languages to come

Project Management

Let us enrich your data science projects and contribute our expertise to your company


We are available 24/7 for helping you achieve great things since 2013

Custom Products

We provide tools for data anonymization, invoice analysis and many more...

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We Provide Solutions for Varying Industries

Telecom & Call Centers

Customer complaint topic detection and sentiment analysis is just a few of our services. Control your social media. Give better responses.

Law & Enforcement

Learn which court order belong to which topic. Get you client names, title etc. from text. Identify similarities between law and letter of notifications.

E-Commerce & Finance

Moderation on e-commerce sites made easy. Detect anomalies and payment fraud. Give next best offer.

Human Resources

Customer profiling and segmentation. Know what you employees think and act on it. Be World's #1 Boss.

Our Products

Semantic Search Engine Infrastructure for the Legal Domain
Natural Language Processing

Our Semantic Search Engine Infrastructure is designed for vertical search engines in the legal domain. Using advanced LLMs such as sentence transformers, we have fine-tuned sbert models to provide a powerful search engine that matches queries to documents semantically in the legal domain. Our infrastructure is especially tuned to match queries to documents semantically in the legal domain, providing a more efficient and accurate search experience.

Key Features
  • Advanced LLMs such as sentence transformers for accurate and efficient search results.
  • Fine-tuned sbert models specifically designed for the legal domain.
  • Semantic search engine that matches queries to documents semantically.
  • Ideal for legal researchers, attorneys, and law firms.
  • Easy to use and customizable interface.
  • Fast and efficient search experience.
  • Accurate search results that match queries to documents semantically.
  • Helps legal researchers, attorneys, and law firms save time and improve productivity.
  • Highly customizable interface to meet specific search needs.
  • Provides easy access to the information you need in the legal domain.
Technical Specifications
  • LLMs: sentence transformers
  • Models: sbert models
  • Domain: Legal
  • Interface: Customizable

Summarization for the Legal Domain
Natural Language Processing

Introducing our text summarization system for Turkish legal texts. After a year of intense research and development, we have created a system that effectively summarizes complex Turkish legal documents. Our system uses transformer-based encoder-decoder models in seq2seq setting for abstractive summarization, including the latest cutting-edge models. We have trained and tested several models, and believe that we have the best summarization models for Turkish legal texts. With our text summarization system, users can easily generate accurate and concise summaries of lengthy legal documents, saving time and increasing efficiency. Our system is particularly useful for legal researchers, attorneys, and law firms. Contact us today to learn more about our text summarization system for Turkish legal texts.

Key Features
  • Transformer-based encoder-decoder models in seq2seq setting for abstractive summarization
  • Cutting-edge LLMs such as bert, gpt, and several other models extensively fine-tuned for this task
  • Best summarization models for Turkish legal texts after intensive training and testing
  • Summarization of long and complex Turkish legal documents
  • Automatic generation of accurate and concise summaries
  • Save time and increase efficiency by generating summaries of lengthy legal documents
  • Improve understanding and retention of legal information by condensing complex texts into concise summaries
  • Access relevant information quickly and easily, improving research and analysis capabilities
  • Improve collaboration and communication by easily sharing concise summaries with colleagues and clients
Technical Specifications
  • Compatible with Turkish legal texts
  • High accuracy and precision for summary generation
  • Adjustable summary length to meet specific needs
  • API Integration with existing legal document management systems
  • Secure and confidential handling of legal documents

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