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VeriUs Teknoloji Ltd.Şti. is an Artificial Intelligence Service Provider, developing Artificial Intelligence as a Service (AIaaS) products, providing a variety of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Text Mining, Natural Language Processing, and Social Network Analysis services and consultation to companies.
The team consist of a highly skilled group of AI Researchers, Machine Learning Software Developers, and Data Scientists. The Founder has 15+ years of academic and applied Machine Learning and Text Mining experience. As a University spin-off company VeriUs is supported by the deep expertise and knowledge accumulated in academic research and its organic ties with University research groups and laboratories.

Our name “VeriUs” is a blend of Veri (Data) and Us (Intelligence) in Turkish. The name emphasizes our focus; Data analysis and Artificial Intelligence.

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We provide data science project management, consulting, and software development services to a variety of companies in different domains.